This winery, owned by the Lunardelli family, sits in the Italian countryside in the delineated Piave POV zone, just outside the Veneto region. For three generations, the Lunardelli family has been producing everything from Chardonnay to Cab Franc to Prosecco.

I was fortunate enough to be welcomed here by the Lunardelli family and to enjoy a wonderful three course meal. The food, most of which came straight from their own farm, was fresh and incredibly flavorful. A plentiful selection of cheese started off the first wine tasting followed by an appetizer of mini pizzas with fresh mozzerella and basic from the family garden. As the meal progressed, of course the wines got heavier and more delicious.

While he did not speak any English, and we no Italian, our gracious host, Giovanni Battista, would keep speaking to us in Italian followed by a deep-belly laugh. What needed no translation was his incredible opera singing table side which he impressively held for three minutes.

What was one of the best wine tastings of my life, accompanied by an incredibly homemade and fresh meal, will be an Italian memory I will have forever.