Behind The Lens

I am a mid 20’s business intelligence analyst working for a tech giant. I am based in San Francisco, CA and have plans to relocate to Europe (Netherlands or German) in the next two years. I travel between jobs, on PTO, and really any chance that I get.

I speak English natively, German, Italian, American Sign Language, and Spanish with conversational- advanced ability.

I fuel my days with dreams of traveling and meeting new people. I thrive on culture, unfamiliarity, and the quick heartbeat of being outside your comfort zone. I enjoy taking photos to tell my travel story, but will occasionally try and document something written for you.

So far I have covered the following countries, though I plan to cover them all. the first goal is 7 continents (Antartica, South America, and Australia are left!) before 30.

[x]Czech Republic
[x]South Africa
[x]United Arab Emirates